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2018 Schedule

Sunday April 29th The Flats / Charlestown Ramp

Sunday May 12th Manasquan Reservoir

Wednesday May 23rd Candlewood Lake, CT / Lattins Cove

Saturday June 2nd Greenwood Lake / Long Pond Marina

Saturday June 27th Lake Hopatcong / Lee’s Park

Fri-Sat July 13th-14th Saratoga Lake / South Shore Marina

Sunday July 29th Merrill Creek

Wednesday August 8th Candlewood Lake / Lattins Cove

Sunday August 26th Monksville Reservoir / South Ramp

Sunday September 16th Lake Hopatcong / Lee’s

Sunday October 7th Hudson River / Certified Marine


Latest Stories

The Masters


Tour stop # 6 had the club in upstate NY July 13-14 for our annual 2 day event on Amazing Saratoga Lake. This is always a club favorite due to the sheer numbers of fish roaming the weedbeds. Day one was sunny and HOT with no wind yet 5 bags of 13 or more pounds crossed the scales proving the lake is producing bigger fish than years past. With 7 anglers separated by 2lbs or less this was anyone’s tournament. Day 2 started cloudy and breezy and the bite was on again with another 6 bags over 12lbs coming to the weigh table. In the end Greg Oliva held on to the day one lead with 29.42lbs of largemouth for the 2 days. Greg caught every fish on a 6 inch worm drop shotting humps and weedy points. Ben Keysper was a close 2nd with 28.73lbs of both largies and smallies caught on both drop shot zoom worms and topwater… the whopper plopper!
All in all the club brought in 175 fish for 394.76lbs in 2 days of bass fishing paradise… now back to reality as we move on to Merrill Creek.

The club was on Lake Hopatcong for a June 27 post spawn event


Another rainy windy day greeted the field for a mid-week event.. The boat traffic was low and thankfully the largemouth were in the grass. Greg Oliva took the victory with 14.68lbs anchored by a 5.18lb largemouth. Greg fished drop shot worms and chatterbaits in the south end of the lake. Keith Kitson brought back 13.06lbs. to lock down second place, Keith worked a topwater bait early then finished off his limit with swimbaits up north.

Greenwood Lake was stop number 4 on June 2


With high hopes of spawning largemouth down in the the southern end of the lake, the anglers were greeted a tough bite.. Rich Vitale Sr. caught a nice mix of largemouth and smallmouth for an impressive 11.06lb bag to run away the event. Rich worked docks with both a spinnerbait and a ned rig in the mid-south end of the lake to cull up his limit. Second place went to Mike Cocca with 9.13lbs. of smallies that fell for the drop shot up north along rocky banks and points.

Tournament 3 was held on Candlewood Lake on May 23


The smallmouth spawn was in full swing and the anglers who targeted bed fish later in the day after a cold rainy morning were well rewarded. Once the sun came out and the temperature rose the beds that were empty all morning came to life with big fish. Ben Keysper won his 3rd straight with 15.48lbs working the drop shot somewhere in the Sherman arm of the lake followed by Greg Oliva with 15.09 working the Danbury arm.

Raritan Valley kicked off the season April 29th on the Northern Chesapeake Bay. Hopes were high for pre spawn giants that this place is known for but as always a major cold front moved in the night before and had the fish in a non-cooperative mood. First and third place both came from Furnace Bay with Big Ben weighing in 3 fish for 6.5 lbs for the victory. Ben worked both a drop shot and a rattle trap in 3 feet of water with some emergent grass holing the fish. Second place was taken by Artie V. breaking in the new Ranger from the North East working docks with jigs.

Stop number 2 was Manasquan Reservoir this past Saturday and once again the field was greeted with 50 degrees and pouring rain.. This time the spawn was well on its way and for the anglers who made right decision to head left out of the ramp the bite was on first thing in the morning. Once again Big Ben took the victory with 5 largemouth totaling 13.11lbs. Ben worked a zoom centipede on the drop shot both super shallow as well as in the flooded timber for his catch. Second place went Mike Cocca in his debut as a boater with 5 fish for 13.7 lbs. Mike also worked a drop shot with a Don Iovino worm.. 3rd Place was Dominic with an impressive bag of 13.4 lbs. all on the jig.

We are a New Jersey Bass Fishing Club currently accepting applications for new membership.


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